Jank Sinatra: “Julius What’s His Name”

Remember T Bird & The Breaks? I do, and personally I’ve been trying to fill the void with their absence in more recent years. But frontman Tim Crane hasn’t gone anywhere. No, instead he’s just launched his latest endeavor, one that drops you off somewhere between an arid desert, a smoky hotel lobby, and deep space.

Where Ol’ Blue Eyes invited you to come fly with him, Jank Sinatra invites you to saddle up on an intergalactic, high-contrast steed with their debut crane of compositions, RumbleJunk & TalkyPop, a funk-centric concept album that’ll turn your legs into jelly and your brain into putty. Crane joined KUTX’s Laurie Gallardo for an at-home session shortly before the release of RJ&TP, so be sure to check out those personal insights after your let loose on “Julius What’s His Name”!

Julius What's His Name

Jank Sinatra

Jack Anderson

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