Jerry Paper: “My God”

What do you do when you despise an entire genre? Sure, you could simply abandon it and move on with your life OR you could reinvent it in a way that sounds good to you! For electronic music, Los Angeles multi-instrumentalist and producer Lucas Nathan has done exactly that, beginning with his project Zonotope™ and continuing with his current moniker, Jerry Paper. Since 2010 Nathan has had four full-lengths as Zonotope™ and just as many as Jerry Paper; if you dive into Nathan’s discography you can expect high concepts, rituals, alter egos and alternate universes all used towards a discovery of self.

With that impressive body of work, it’s almost puzzling to consider the infantile title of his fifth album as Jerry Paper, Like A Baby. It’s a baker’s dozen of ornate electronic excellence, complete with all the vocal, instrumental, and production quirks we love about Nathan. Like A Baby doesn’t drop until October 12th (around the same time he stops by Austin with his fellow Stones Throwers) but lucky for us, Jerry released another new single this past Tuesday and it’s one that’ll make you say, “My God”!

Jack Anderson

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