Jessi Alexander: “I Should Probably Go Now”

For Nashville’s Jessi Alexander, preserving the myth of Southern hospitality in country music is as easy as breathing in the Tennessee air.

You’ve heard her handy work top the pop charts time and time again for major acts like Miley Cyrus, Celine Dion, Tim McGraw and Blake Shelton, not to mention three bold solo records, culminating in last Friday’s rustic eight-track, Decatur County Red. Between COVID-19 and the devastation left by the March 3rd tornados, Jessi Alexander’s run into a couple obstacles for her national tour, but you can still show some love by bumping up her streaming numbers, kicking off with “I Should Probably Go Now”!

I Should Probably Go Now

Jessi Alexander

Jack Anderson

Photo: Kristin Barlowe

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