Junior Boys: “Over It”

Junior Boys have long existed just out of step with everyone else. When the Canadian duo debuted in the early 2000s, their music was far too dance-influenced for the charts at the time, but also too subtle for their electronic contemporaries. That musical no-man’s-land has given them a lot of space to operate and refine their sound. Junior Boys’ songs are streamlined to an obsessive degree, sleek and sexy but with a few sharp edges hidden in the airy beats.

The band brings its fifth album, Big Black Coat, to the Mohawk tonight. This record is more lush than past efforts, and it deftly balances a love of ’80s sounds with futuristic touches (at times it actually reminds me of fellow Canadian artist Caribou). “Over It” is some sort of robotic soul song, perfectly representative of these future-shock times but also slightly off-center. Listen to the song below.

–Art Levy

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