Júniús Meyvant: “High Alert”

Recognize the name Unnar Gísli Sigurmundsson? No?! If that doesn’t ring any bells, perhaps his musical moniker Júniús Meyvant does. This Icelandic singer-songwriter began writing and releasing originals after years of creatively-induced cabin fever cooped up in his parents’ home. The constant surge of ideas and unwillingness to slow down convinced Sigurmundsson to undertake the compositions all on his own rather than work with a band, and in 2014 Júniús Meyvant was born.

Sigurmundsson’s sultry vocals and compelling arrangements accommodate a folk pop aura with splotches of soul, and the latest from Júniús Meyvant is out on Friday. Júniús Meyvant second full-length Across the Borders is out tomorrow and you can get the pre-emptive mental klaxons firing with the record’s lead single, “High Alert”!

Jack Anderson

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