The Mammoths: “Capture You”

The Mammoths are fresh to the Austin scene, but rock to a familiar tune. Melting blues and psych-rock together into a guitar-lickin’, face-meltin’ pool, the Mammoths sound a bit like the Black Keys on an acid microdose. They’ve recently taken their early-Zeppelin stage energy on the road supporting their debut EP Golden Spell.

“Capture You” doesn’t hit you square in the face with blues rock, but rather kisses you on the cheek, making your ears perk and your eyes squint with piqued curiosity. Just when it sounds like the guitars might take-off with a psych-rock mind of their own, bass drum kicks and slow, syncopated drum fills keep everything grounded. Slow-moving and slow-boiling, “Capture You” is arguably the blues-iest tune on the EP, taking its time, and reveling in every second, sometimes sounding like it’s avoiding the song’s end in order to stew in the moment.

“Capture You” appears on Golden Spell EP, out now.

-Taylor Wallace

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