Kim Simpson: “By Lake Kavano”

For starters, this isn’t Kim Simpson‘s first rodeo with radio. He’s the current host of KOOP’s International Folk Bazaar , co-host of Around the Town Sounds and actually once had a spot with us here at KUTX hosting Folkways. On top of that, a book and a Ph.D., Simpson’s been strumming out his brand of sixties-and-seventies-inspired folk since well before his 1992 debut album, and doing a damn fine job of it too.

On his latest record The Comets Swish Their TailsSimpson couples his distinctive fingerstyle guitar technique with striking lyrics, covering anything from spiritualism to folk remedies to “sky omens”. Oh, and he’s the sole performer of every single instrument across all fifteen tracks. The Comets Swish Their Tails came out back in January and the release show takes places one day before Kim Simpson’s 50th birthday, next Thursday, May 2nd at the Townsend. You can hear the full record whenever you get a chance but go ahead and kick back this Hump Day with an elegant acoustic tune: “By Lake Kavano”!

-Jack Anderson

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