Lomelda: “Interstate Vision” (Live In Studio 1A)

Photo by Madeline Harvey

Hannah Read and Zach Daniel formed Lomelda as a duo in Waco a few years ago. Now based in Austin, the group has expanded into a four-piece, and they truly soar with the added elements. There’s something wonderfully off-kilter about Lomelda’s music. It’s folk-based, but played like jazz, constantly shifting underneath you.

Forever–the band’s debut, out via Austin’s Punctum Records–is a tour-de-force for Read’s expressive voice and lyrics. Like a lot of great writers, she can make the mundane sound huge. “Still I sit with you in parking lots / Acting like I’m not falling for you,” Read sings on “Interstate Vision,” a new song performed live in Studio 1A. There’s a whole world buried in those two lines, and Lomelda make sure there’s enough space for you to get lost. Download the song below and catch Lomelda at Hotel Vegas on Thursday, February 25 and Cheer Up Charlie’s on Friday, February 26.

–Art Levy

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