Lotus: “Eats The Light”

Making electronic music to criticize our electronic world is a tried-and-true idea, but you might not have expected it from Lotus. The Philly band first gained a following on the jam band circuit of all places, proving once and for all that Kraftwerk is not that incompatible with Phish’s jazz-funk odysseys (I mean, isn’t “Autobahn” like the most German way of sounding like the Grateful Dead?). On “Eats The Light,” Lotus makes the case that the middle ground between these two poles just might be Talking Heads. The track bubbles over with syncopation and grooves, but in true Byrnesian fashion, the band calls out the ghost in the machine that’s eating the everyday light.

“Eats The Light” appears on Eat The Light, out now.

–Art Levy // host, Sundays 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.; producer, My KUTX

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