Lyla Foy: “Feather Tongue”

Lyla Foy’s songs are hushed, but she likes to let the outside world in. The young British singer-songwriter often records the skeletons of her songs in the back of her car, capturing a feeling whenever (and wherever) inspiration strikes. On her debut album, Mirrors The Sky, field recordings mix with the downtempo electronic beats. Choruses are augmented with chirping birds, jiggling keys, even what sounds like a rubbed balloon on “I Only.” There’s a pastoral quality to her music, and Foy did record the main melodies throughout the English countryside, from the Lake District to storm-tossed Cornwall.

With those spontaneous foundations in place, Foy retreated to an East London studio with her live band to add subtle touches of keyboard and guitar. The result is something intensely intimate but energized; songs like “Feather Tongue” breathe thanks to her unique approach. She’s pitched somewhere between lo-fi and hi-fi, a perfect mirror for our own time.

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