Ola Podrida: “Blind To The Blues”

Ola Podrida’s music is “cinematic” in more ways than one. The Austin outfit’s songs swing with grandeur, using all manner of stringed instruments to craft a sense of wonder and awe, even when singing about mundane day-to-day activities. It’s a testament to the skill of frontman David Wingo, who is also an accomplished soundtrack composer. His ear is naturally trained towards the visual, so much so that Ola Podrida’s songs tend to eschew traditional song structures in favor of something more impressionistic and dreamy.

While Wingo admittedly takes a long time to write, 2013 has been his most prolific year. Well-received soundtracks for Prince Avalanche (with Explosions in the Sky) and Mud, plus Ola Podrida’s third record, Ghosts Go Blind, have all made the rounds over the past few months. Each release was painstakingly crafted, but Ola Podrida allows Wingo to also take his songs on the road. The group made its Fun Fun Fun Fest debut this past weekend–not necessarily the most friendly place for intricate chamber-folk. Yet the open air allowed the band to truly stretch out as the Austin skyline and a gorgeous autumn day provided the visuals. The group also stopped by backstage for an exclusive acoustic set for KUTX. Even as the festival whirled around, “Blind To The Blues” still soared, propelled by acoustic guitars, shakers, and multi-part harmonies.

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