!!!: “Ooo”

So much of the band !!!’s essence is hilarious–that name; lead singer Nic Offer’s t-shirt-and-board-shorts wardrobe; song titles like “Me And Giuliani Down By The School Yard”–that it’s easy to forget their craftsmanship. !!! are true students of the dance floor, mixing elements of disco, funk, and arty punk. The cheesiness and the spectacle are perfect weapons; once you’re able to give up your own pretensions, you can surrender to !!!’s soundtrack for maximum fun.

Of course, !!! is probably best experienced live, and you can catch them at the Mohawk this Saturday. That’s not to put down their albums, though, and this year’s As If is another strong addition to the catalog. They even go–dare I say?–subtle on album highlight “Ooo.” When so much of dance music is maximized, !!! leave plenty of room on the song for a slinky, feverish groove. Download the song below.

–Art Levy

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