Terri Terri: “Attention”

For those who don’t already recognize the name Mark Noseworthy…you will soon. Best known currently for providing lead guitar for Strokes alum Albert Hammond, Jr., Noseworthy is taking 2018 by the reigns to create a name for himself. That name? Terri Terri. You can say that again! And if you do you get Terri Terri’s powerhouse of a self-titled debut – nine songs performed almost entirely by Noseworthy across keyboards, bass, auxiliary percussion, saxophone, vocals and of course – guitar. Save for drums, mastering and artwork Terri Terri is pure Noseworthy – unbound by genre ascriptions other than honest expression through rock songwriting.

Terri Terri came out last Tuesday and you can dive in with a free download of the inaugural track – “Attention”.

-Jack Anderson (Host Monday-Wednesday 8-11pm, Saturday 6-10am)

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