PREP: “Turn The Music Up” (KUTX Live)

From weekly food assembly rituals to pre-exposure prescription drugs, the word “prep” carries a ton of different connotations. Arguably its most common use is to describe Ivy League chums, something that’s been re-appropriated by Oxford-alum Tom Havelock (and his equally talented colleagues) for the buoyant London-based project PREP. PREP first cast out from the dock in 2015 and has continued to obscure the waters separating Gaucho-era Steely Dan and contemporary chillwave for a je-ne-sais-quois sound quality, thanks in no small part to the diversity of the members’ musical backgrounds.

PREP showcased careful attention to instrumental arrangements and timeless indie-adjacent grooves on their self-titled debut last October but still haven’t had a chance to drop by Austin due to COVID conditions. That said…PREP’s given us the next best thing. Through the power of green screen, PREP’s captured all the Austin scenery you could ever want for an exclusive 45-minute video set, so drop what you’re doing and kick it off with KUTX airwave favorite “Turn The Music Up”!

NPR Live Sessions/KUTX
Musicians: Tom Havelock, Vocals; Llywelyn ap Myrddin, Synth, Flute; Guillaume Jamball, Drums; Daniel Radclyffe, Guitar; Michael Lesirge, Saxophone; James Ahwai, Bass
Director: Ben Vessy; Executive Producer: Aaron Z. Wilson; Producer & Covid Supervisor: Scarlett Barclay; Production Assistant: Anna Butler
Director of Photography: Arthur Loveday; Camera Operators: Jomar O’Meally, Joseph Dunn, Bradley Panda; Gaffer: Pearce Crowley; Spark: Caspar Jones, Paulo Fernandes
Paper Artist & Set Designer: Annemarieke Kloosterhof; Paper Artist Assistant: Cintia Bertaccini; Carpeter: Joe Lucas, Michael Layton
Stylist: Christopher Maul; Hair & Make-up: Sofia Sjoo
Sound Recordist: Jon Evans, Gareth Finnegan
Management: Will Gresford

Turn The Music Up (KUTX Pop-Up)


Jack Anderson

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