Roxi Copland: “Daddy Don’t Do Politics”

Having started classical piano lessons at age four, those (figurative) ebony and ivory keys have stayed close to the heart of singer Roxi Copland. After dropping her debut EP in 2008, Copland built up an admirable reputation (and award recognition) across the Midwest with her hodgepodge of blues, jazz, and Americana. Copland’s since gone on to release another EP, a collaborative live album, a solo acoustic record, a pair of singles, and two full-band LPs, having released Bad Decision just before relocating to Austin, Texas.

Last Friday Copland showcased her wit and social awareness on a bluegrass-driven piece of satire, perfect for early voting season, “Daddy Don’t Do Politics”!

Daddy Don't Do Politics

Roxi Copland

Jack Anderson

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