Royal Headache: “Another World”

Photo by Jon Hunter

One of the bigger disappointments of the past few years was rolling over to a Royal Headache show at the Scoot Inn only to find out the Australian band had to cancel at the last minute due to visa issues. Their 2011 self-titled debut was a huge personal favorite. Somehow, Royal Headache unites punk rock with the musical worlds of the Who, Guided By Voices, and Otis Redding. There’s a highwire tension to their songs: they always sound like they’re about to fall off the rails at any moment, but that’s why they’re one of the more exciting rock ‘n’ roll bands around.

That same tension seems to carry over to the group itself, which seems like it might be on its way out the door. But Royal Headache still have some fire left in them. High, out Friday, August 21 is another high note for the band and especially lead singer Shogun. He can turn the abrasive into the soulful, as he does on “Another World.” Catch them while you can: Royal Headache is at Red 7 tonight, doors at 8 p.m. Download “Another World” below.

–Art Levy

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