Ruby Jane: “Break The Radio”

If you’re the youngest person to play the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, where do you go from there? Ruby Jane has opted not to stick to the country traditionalist’s path, instead lending her award-winning fiddle skills to Lady Gaga and Willie Nelson and imaginative covers of Wilco and Jeff Buckley. One look at the title of her 2012 album–Celebrity (Empire Of Emptiness)–and it’s immediately obvious that she’s more concerned with following her muse wherever it leads her. Her band can follow her every whim too, mixing in folk, country, and jazz with each song. Ruby Jane stopped by Studio 1A last year and tried out “Break The Radio,” a new song that seems to speak directly to her worldview, ending on a simple turn of phrase: “Forget about the hype, baby.” Download the song below and catch Ruby Jane at Map Jam this weekend, playing the French Legation Museum at 3 p.m.

–Art Levy

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