Sam Franklin: “Blanket” [PREMIERE]

If you want quality culture here in Texas, the surname Franklin has been shown to be a strong indicator. There’s BBQ pitmaster Aaron Franklin, The Suffers’ frontwoman Kam Franklin, and…native Austinite Sam Franklin.

This producer/engineer/songwriter’s been formally doing his solo thing since the mid twenty-teens, and if you check out his streaming numbers on Spotify alone, they’re not too shabby! Although his style is mainly anchored at the bay of indie pop rock, Franklin (with his fervent falsetto vocals, multi-instrumental mastery, and proven understanding of pristine mixing) actually has some dang good range; Franklin keeps his formulas fresh with elemental forays into trap, R&B, soul, and breakbeat.

But today Franklin returns to his forte of radio-ready indie rock with Sam’s latest standalone “Blanket”, that just as he describes is, “kinda like Weezer meets Dayglow”. At least we can hear it. It’s got that eponymous blue debut guitar distortion setting the mood, infectious lead refrains and lyrical vulnerabilities that give Rivers Cuomo a run for his money, and that emo-adjacent emotional weight that makes folks like Sloan Struble and Sam Franklin such accessible streaming darlings.


Sam Franklin

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