San Cisco: “Fred Astaire”

Earlier this year, Billboard announced it was going to include YouTube hits in its formula for the Hot 100 chart, and it makes a lot of sense. Nowadays, most people listen to and discover new songs via the video service, creating viral sensations out of artists whose only promotional help is an Internet connection. Australian youngsters San Cisco have certainly tapped into this idea. Last year, the quartet uploaded their song “Awkward” to YouTube and as of this writing, it’s racked up 4.8 million views.

That’s a hefty sum for a band that’s barely removed from high school. Each member started out in music at an early age before becoming friends in the classroom, and just two years after forming San Cisco, the band was already grabbing awards left and right in Australia. Their three EPs showcased the group’s buoyant indie pop sound, and soon, even high-minded outlets like The New Yorker couldn’t resist.

Late last year, San Cisco released its self-titled debut in Australia, and now it’s set to capture American hearts as well. San Cisco is packed with sunshine, and the fact that the band dropped the record during the summer in both the southern and northern hemispheres is a brilliant move. “Fred Astaire” swings like the titular person, but it’s undercut with a dash of lovelorn, teenage angst. Of course, the would-be hit has its own video, wherein the love interest is lost to a better dancer. But it’s a classic bait-and-switch–with their kind of skill, San Cisco are sure to win in the end.

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