The Wood Brothers: “Cry Over Nothing”

After a decade and a half of separate songwriting branches, bassist Chris Wood and guitarist Oliver Wood embraced their fraternal bond as The Wood Brothers. And in light of Chris’ interest in contemporary jazz juxtaposed against Oliver’s grasp on R&B, funk, and blues, these Boulder born brothers quickly found a middle ground of introspective Americana, transcendent folk, and soulful country on their 2006 debut album. Multi-instrumentalist Jano Rix completed the trio, who’s since gone on to release four live albums and six studio albums, including the 2018 Grammy-nominated One Drop of Truth.

The Wood Brothers are set to peel back the bark and show off some impressive growth rings on their upcoming eleven-track LP, Kingdom in My Mind, out January 24th. Catch The Wood Brothers 8PM tomorrow night at The Paramount and cross the drawbridge into Kingdom in My Mind with the record’s second single, “Cry Over Nothing”!

Jack Anderson

Photo: Alysse Gafkjen

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