The East and The Crow: “Can’t Blame It On The Rain”

Around this time of year, many Texans have the breezy beaches of Corpus Christi on their mind…and with triple digit highs scorching the state, we can’t really blame ’em. So on the off chance that you’re venturing out to the Gulf Coast this weekend, consider an entertainment recommendation to pad out your travel plans. We’re talkin’ about The East and The Crow, a Corpus quintet that caws up a cantankerous concoction of hard Southern country rock. The fledgling five-piece first flocked together on their modestly-titled 2020 debut St. Rita’s Dream and Other Recordings from the Garage and have since added a respectable murder to their fanship.

Today The East and The Crow’s latest single dropped like a post-drought downpour, and the band celebrates with a couple gigs in their stomping grounds – 8:40pm tonight at Cole Park for the Bay Jammin Concert Series and 9pm to midnight tomorrow night at House of Rock. Whether or not you can show some support in person, that new single, “Can’t Blame It On The Rain”, is a rugged Southern ragga with bold energy and technical guitar work that’ll make you sweat after just one listen.

Can’t Blame It On The Rain

The East and The Crow

The East and The Crow: “Can’t Blame It On The Rain”

Jack Anderson

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