SATALiGHTS: “Sirenas”

If you’ve kept a close pulse on the local circuit the past half decade, you’ve probably already got SATALiGHTS on your radar. But even if you haven’t, the title of their 2017 debut Post-Bedroom Rock ought to tip you off to their genre preferences, at least historically. We say that because although this multi-national quartet’s orbited around post-punk, shoegaze, and alt-rock, SATALiGHTS have recently changed course.

See, ahead of their upcoming third full-length Veluga, SATALiGHTS kicks off the scuffed converses of shoegaze and shuffles into some slick electro-cumbia botas on the LP’s lead single, “Sirenas”. An outlandish piece of nautical mysticism and cultura mexicana, this locally-sourced siren song leans on the earnest reverence and playful pageantry of Dia de los Muertos for an eccentric reflection on the inevitability of death.

So before Veluga breaches on November 7th, try and count all the locations you recognize in “Sirenas”‘ music video and keep up with the nameless narco’s almost-aimless gyrations as you follow along (trust us, it’s easy enough). It’s a minimalist visual journey for sure, but it does an amazing job of complementing the hypnotic simplicity of “Sirenas”‘ Latin sonics. All in all, with this new south-of-the-border direction, we sure wouldn’t mind riding shotgun with SATALiGHTS all summer long…to the mercado, the chatarrería…or just a for a quick dip in the kiddie pool.



SATALiGHTS: “Sirenas”

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