Sometimes a Legend: “Chloe 5000” [PREMIERE]

When it comes to perfectionists, there are few people more protective of their creative output than Austin keyboardist-composer Bowman Maze. He’s eccentric, obsessive, but also kind of a genius. So when you get past the surface level mythology of bros enjoying beers over Dungeons & Dragons, the neighborhood cat interrupting band practice, and the often incendiary yard-meets-gravity game “stump”, Maze’s “fresh pop” sextet Sometimes a Legend has an incredibly mature sound.

Complete with a horn section and multi-part vocal harmonies, Sometimes a Legend is soon set to release their debut self-titled LP, rounded out with nine tracks that boast Maze’s upper register vocals and pulsating arrangements throughout; just hear for yourself on the record’s sophomore track, “Chloe 5000”!

Chloe 5000

Sometimes a Legend

Jack Anderson

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