Steph Barrak: “So Familiar”

Boston-native Steph Barrak is back with her sophomore release, this time leaning away from a mild-alt-country sound and committing to a slower, indie-pop one. Her music seems effortless, like it all flows from her lips and fingers with pure natural talent and momentum. Her upcoming EP Never Again once again employs the production expertise of Mike Davidson (St. Vincent, Regina Spektor, José González), and the same instrumental back-up from her debut album.

“So Familiar” is lofty and lovely. The vocals and instruments are delicate, encouraged to soar into the ether via fairy-like glockenspiel tones while staying grounded and simple with a balance of solid snare drum. Really, the sound in is the name. It’s that female-led, indie-pop sound that is so familiar and so good.

“So Familiar” is out now, and will also appear on Never Again, out February 3rd, via her BandCamp.

–Taylor Wallace // host, Saturday 2-6 p.m., producer, SoundCheck and Eklektikos

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