On Submitting a Song

Howdy! Song of the Day Producer Jack Anderson here.

I’ve never kept my Song of the Day contact info a secret, but in an effort to make the process of song submission and selection a bit more accessible for everyone, I’ve organized this easily-sharable post. First and foremost:

  • Do you want to submit a song for a Song of the Day feature? Email kutxsotd@kutx.org with the phrase “KUTX Song of the Day” included in the subject line.

Support for Song of the Day comes from The Werd Company.

Concerning Curation

  • Song of the Day does NOT just feature music from Austin-based artists. Creators of all kind worldwide are accepted! However, because KUTX strives to be “The Austin Music Experience”, Austin artists typically take precedence.
  • Song of the Day serves two primary purposes. 1) Provide a platform that helps to showcase rising musicians who could use the exposition. 2) Provide listeners with a regular resource for musical discovery, especially through premieres. As such, selections are usually reserved for those who wish to promote a single, album, or release show through Song of the Day.
  • Song of the Day DOES promote SOME live shows. That said, pitches for live gigs with no new release attached to them should be sent to my esteemed colleague Laurie Gallardo (amm@kutx.org) for Austin Music Minute consideration.
  • Song of the Day NEEDS Y’ALL TO EMAIL YOUR SUBMISSIONS AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE. I cannot stress this enough, people. I schedule features out as far as I comfortably can while still trying to leave spots open here and there to accommodate last minute requests. But even in doing so, I’ve had to pass on some really great stuff simply because I didn’t know about it until a day or two beforehand. Don’t wait until after your music is out to hit me up with a Song of the Day feature. Your best bet is to establish contact me at least at least two weeks prior to the anticipated release or performance.
  • Song of the Day gets a lot of requests! It may take time for me to get around to your email, but submitting through the format listed at the top makes your message infinitely easier for me to find. Don’t hesitate to “circle back” with another email; that actually helps push it back on my radar. Most importantly, never take a “pass” from me personally. On top of everything listed above, there are factors like – the need to promote other KUTX content (think ACL Fest pop-up performances), genre burnout (featuring too much of one kind of music consecutively, e.g. five straight days of indie rock), audio quality (I’m not talking about lo-fi, I mean there are just some submissions that direly need another pass of masters to not sound like demos), and knowing that certain songs would stick out like a sore thumb in our noon-1PM weekday playlists. I’d recommend doing a little bit of homework on who we are first and then decide if KUTX really is the best fit for your music before blasting us with something that we may not realistically be able to oblige. That little bit of prep can go a long way.

The Fine Print

Here’s what I send people when I confirm their song for my schedule. If your initial email includes everything that’s been requested…awesome!

Here’s what it entails…

  • An on-air spin of the song on 98.9 FM/KUTX.org at approximately 12:55pm Central U.S. Time, with a voiced intro and outro discussing the track.
  • A brief web feature about the song and artist, including mentions of upcoming events and/or releases found at kutx.org/song-of-the-day
  • A free 24-hour download on KUTX.org, which then becomes a permanent, on-demand streaming link.
  • A tweet from our official KUTX account. (20K+ followers)
  • An addition to our official Song of the Day Spotify playlist.

Here’s what we need…

  • Permission to offer the song as a free 24-hour download at KUTX.org, after which it becomes a permanent, on-demand streaming link.
  • Hi-res press photos and an up-to-date artist bio or EPK. Written authorized use of, or a license by the rights holder to use, the photo(s) in perpetuity.
  • A wav file of the song.


  • Q: Will the song be added to regular KUTX rotation?  
  • A: No. Song of the Day is a KUTX single-day feature that airs Monday-Friday on KUTX.  However, several Song of the Day tracks have found their way into regular rotation! If you’d like to be considered for KUTX airplay, submit your music to Music Director Rick McNulty at music@kutx.org. More information can be found at kutx.org/submit-your-music/
  • Q: Will my Song of the Day air more than once? 
  • A: No. As of now, Song of the Day airs once per day Monday-Friday at approximately 12:55pm Central U.S. Time. 
  • Q: Will the song be added to KUTX’s library for listeners to request later?
  • A: No. Song of the Day is produced with voiced segments before and after the featured track. As such, Song of the Day is only intended to air at the aforementioned days and times. 

Time-Specific Requests

In general, I am in desperate need of R&B and Hip-Hop artists. If you know someone who needs to see that, please share with them and have them reach out.

There are also times of the year where I highlight specific artists. If you or someone you know fits the bill (and meets all the previous criteria), holler at me before the dates below.

  • January: Love Austin Music Month – Special spotlight on Austin-based artists.
  • February: Black History Month – Special spotlight on Black-identifying artists.
  • (First half of) March: SXSW – Special spotlight on Official SXSW artists.
  • June: Pride Month – Special spotlight on LGBTQIA+ artists.

Thanks for reading, and as always…

  • Do you want to submit a song for a Song of the Day feature? Email kutxsotd@kutx.org with the phrase “KUTX Song of the Day” included in the subject line.

Support for Song of the Day comes from The Werd Company.

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