Terry Allen and The Panhandle Mystery Band: “City of the Vampires”

For those of us who’ve spent a good amount of time in Texas, the name Terry Allen has a household recognition. It’s been about four and a half decades since the release of his debut LP Juarez, throughout which Allen’s maintained a legacy of excellence not only in highly critical country music but also dissident visual art. And on the the fortieth anniversary of his breakout album Lubbock (on everything), Terry Allen and his trusty Panhandle Mystery Band have just announced their first record since 2013, Just Like Moby Dick.

Channeling the lengthy gamut of its Melvillian namesake, Just Like Moby Dick provides Allen’s commentary on humanity, tragedy, and memory, featuring occasional vocals from Shannon McNally, writing contributions from longtime friends Dave Alvin and Joe Ely, and co-production, guitar, vocals from Charlie Sexton. Just Like Moby Dick is out January 24th 2020, and you can expect a documentary, art exhibits, and tour dates shortly thereafter. For today though you can forget about Ahab and Starbuck, and instead hop on the blood-suck with one of Just Like Moby Dick‘s two lead singles, “City of the Vampires”!

Jack Anderson

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