The Besnard Lakes: “The Plain Moon”

Photo by Brendan George Ko

You can file the Besnard Lakes in the “underrated” category. The Montreal outfit has often been lumped together with shoegaze bands, but the Besnard Lakes are less icy, more inviting (their bio nails it when it describes them as a cross between My Bloody Valentine and Fleetwood Mac). To me, their music has always had a cinematic grandeur, even putting aside all the natural imagery surrounding the band.

A Coliseum Complex Museum–out January 22 via Jagjaguwar–was born, like the band’s previous four albums, at the actual Besnard Lake in North Saskatchewan. Nature figures heavily in the lyrics and song titles, but Besnard Lakes’ use of the studio is the real spotlight. “The Plain Moon” manages to merge a pulsing disco beat with psychedelic guitars and Beach Boys-esque harmonies. Like the band’s best songs, it’s heavy while simultaneously airy and light. Listen to the song below.

–Art Levy

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