The Dan Ryan: “Fleeting”

Any Chicago residents will surely shake their fists at the Dan Ryan, a particularly traffic-strewn stretch of highway on the city’s South Side. Given our city’s own congestion armageddon, it’s fitting (and kind of hilarious) Austin’s Nathan Dixey named his band after a highway. But the name could also be a nod to Chicago’s Dan Ryan Woods, and given the music, that makes more sense.

On his self-titled debut, Dixey carves out a naturalistic blend of psych and folk. He’s spent time in Hospital Ships and Your Friend, two bands that also make immersive, stretched-out songs. “Fleeting” launches the record on a bouncy note, but as the song unreels, it gets more congested with details along the way.

“Fleeting” appears on The Dan Ryan, out now via Cosmic Dreamer.

–Art Levy

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