The Foxymorons: “Permanent Frown”

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After hitting you with the chorus half-a-dozen times in “Permanent Frown,” David Dewese stops the song and incredulously asks, “what’s a permanent frown?” before dialing up the guitar riffs again. For a band that calls itself the Foxymorons, this kind of meta-punchline is pretty on-point. Dewese and Jerry James started the outfit on a lark two decades ago in the Dallas suburb Mesquite. The pair have teamed up sporadically ever since, maintaining a creative partnership even while Dewese and James occupied different cities.

Across four albums, the Foxymorons nodded to classic pop themes, but their fifth is something else entirely. Fake Yoga–out November 6–is irreverent, noisy, and utterly charming. It has the sound of a few friends–they’re joined by Will Johnson on drums–bashing out tunes across a day-drunk weekend. But underneath the mess of feedback and lo-fi accidents are a batch of power-pop nuggets; it’s Guided By Voices as performed by Weezer. And that rock ‘n’ roll id comes out to play on “Permanent Frown,” even while the Foxymorons shoot spitballs from the back of the class. Download the song below.

–Art Levy

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