The Midnight Stroll: “Just Hang On”

Aaron Behrens spent years perfecting his madman persona as the frontman for Austin’s Ghostland Observatory. The group mashed together electronic music and glam rock, and Behrens has taken that sound even further with his latest outfit. The Midnight Stroll (formerly known as Aaron Behrens and the Midnight Stroll) finds Behrens collaborating with Jonas Wilson, but the two-man operation never sounds minimal. On its new album, Heartbreak Boogaloo, the group swings for the fences, trying on a variety of sonic costumes (metal, goth, pop, even some cabaret). What sticks the best is “Just Hang On,” carrying traces of Behrens’ electro-glam hybrid but taking it to a new, starry-eyed extreme.

“Just Hang On” appears on Heartbreak Boogaloo, out now. The Midnight Stroll kicks off our free concert series Music Under The Star on Friday, July 8.

–Art Levy

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