The Pendulum Hearts: “Lost in Austin”

Nobody starts their night wanting to be that guy at the bar. But on top of the inevitable hangover, sometimes way too many drinks in a few too many places can make for a great story, even if your audience only reacts with schadenfreude.

Now, The Pendulum Hearts have always benefitted from a self-deprecating sense of lyrical humor that allows them to not take themselves too seriously. Which perfectly complements the Austin duo’s double shot cocktail of Western Swing and Honky Tonk, because come on…the music makes you want to two-step, not be bummed out by poignant confessions.

With that said, this morning The Pendulum Hearts regaled us with their latest bump on the noggin, “Lost in Austin”. Less of a cautionary tale and more of a carefree caricature, this post-bender yarn chronicles a progression from Hole in the Wall to White Horse and finally Far Out Lounge. We won’t spoil the specifics but let’s just say that stain on their pants ain’t what you’d expect. So if you’re eager to swing with The Pendulum Hearts at the next bar, catch ’em 7PM next Monday at Maggie Mae’s or 6PM next Wednesday at Love Supreme. First round’s on you, right?

Lost in Austin

The Pendulum Hearts

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