The Weary Boys: “Pick Up The Steam” (Live In Studio 1A)

For years, the Weary Boys injected a little danger into Austin’s bluegrass and country scene. The band played fast-and-loose with the traditions, making music that could raise hell on a Saturday night and still take you to church on a Sunday morning.

The Boys broke up in 2007, and the band members popped up in other local bands like the Preservation, the Hard Times, and Woodsboss. But every few years, they all come back together for some reunion shows. This weekend, we’re back in luck with the Weary Boys playing tonight and tomorrow night at the Continental Club. Their setlists mix originals with Hank Williams and Stanley Brothers; for a good primer on the band, see their recent My KUTX guest DJ set. And for today’s Song of the Day, we’re going back to their 2012 Studio 1A set and a fast-as-hell version of “Pick Up The Steam.” Download the song below.

–Art Levy

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