The Wheel Workers: “White Lies”

Interlocking indie rock, punk, pop and progressive politics, Houston quintet The Wheel Workers has been carting their sound around since the mid-2000s. Three albums, three singles and a wagon full of political commentary later they’ve arrived at one of their deepest works yet, the eight-track LP post-truth.

It’s an album rumbling with post-Hurricane Harvey trauma and sonic styles reminiscent of Devo, Pixies, Dead Kennedys and The Clash. Every individual tune could find itself right at home in another artist’s discography but there’s no denying the eclecticism and idiosyncrasies of The Wheel Workers when heard together. The record is out this Friday and you can pre-game post-truth with the frenetic album opener, “White Lies”!

Jack Anderson

Photo: Allison McPhail


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