The Woggles: “Take It To The People”

It’s Friday folks. That means it’s time to cut loose and get down. There are few better ways to do that than with some good ol’ dance party care of your garage-rockin’ buddies The Woggles.

The Woggles formed in 1987 in Athens, Georgia. Ever since, they’ve kept the flame of classic 60s garage rock alive. Take a listen to any one of their records, close your eyes, and it’s pretty easy to imagine yourself doin’ the watusi at some frat-party sock-hop circa 1965. What The Woggles do isn’t what you would call “inventive,” but it’s darn fun (from the fuzztone guitars to the stomping beats to the retro-cool record sleeves), and they inject the music with as much live-wire energy as any of the Nuggets-era groups.

Since their 2007 record Rock and Roll Backlash, The Woggles have made their home over at E-Streeter, DJ, actor and garage rock fanatic Steve Van Zandt’s Wicked Cool Records. Just last month, they released a brand-new full-length titled The Big Beat. The lead track is sizzling slice of rock ‘n’ roll called “Take It To The People.” The vocals have plenty of sneer and the band roils and froths to the stomping beat. And when we say “stomp,” we mean it. It’s a mean tune, as hard as any punk tune. If you needed little jolt of electricity to get your Friday party started, The Woggles are where it’s at.

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