Trizzol: “Just Another Day” (feat. Easy Lee)

Ever since the tender age of 10 when he first heard Chuck D’s outrage-fueled bars on Public Enermy’s It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hiold Us Back, San Antonio’s Trizzol has been carving his niche in hip hop. In the many years since he popped in that first cassette tape, Trizzol has contributed to countless tracks and has released nine albums, culminating last week with Boom Bap Organic.

The record’s ten tracks cover a ton of sonic territory for Trizzol to rap about his life and experiences and Boom Bap Organic‘s final track features a verse from Third Root’s Easy Lee. So go ahead and kick back with a free download of Trizzol’s “Just Another Day” and enjoy what is certifiably not just any other day.

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