TV Temple: “June 3030”

Right around this same time last year, guitarist Ben Root and drummer Emma Berrigan had finally put their “beach-alt” sound as TV Temple on streaming platforms, making their eponymous place of worship easily accessible no matter the static. But instead of just feeding the figurative idiot box, this Austin duo’s chosen quality over quantity with a mere three studio singles to their name as of now.

However that limited output’s made TV Temple a prime candidate for Austin Music Foundation’s Artist Development Program and wouldn’t you know it – they’ve now got two new contributions to ATX Gen Next: Adventures in Person. TV Temple’s first offering, “June 3030” will instantly transport you out of these chilly January days and right into a summer mindset with sunny strumming, tantalizing harmonies, countermelodies, and augmented alt-rock rhythms that’ll keep you on your toes – even ankle deep in sand.

June 3030

TV Temple

-Jack Anderson

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