Velcrowolf: “Walkman Wars”

Native Austinite JP Pfertner got his start in 2009 fronting the rock outfit Built By Snow, but just as their success was boiling up, Pfertner shifted gears to become a solo bedroom producer under the handle Oh Look Now. Fast forward to 2020 where Pfertner’s taken yet another hard left turn, this time as Velcrowolf, showcasing his multi-instrumental talents and knack for lo-fi production in a way that almost mirrors the progression of LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy.

Faithful to the moniker, Velcrowolf is both fierce and easy to latch onto, and his debut album Destroyer of Batteries will make a great addition to your CD sleeve, be it physical or digital. Either way, you can wane off the Wednesday blues with Destroyer‘s inaugural track, “Walkman Wars”!

Walkman Wars


Jack Anderson

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