Yeasayer: “I Am Chemistry”

On its standout 2010 song “Ambling Alp,” Yeasayer offered a mission statement disguised as a catchy chorus: “Stick up for yourself, son / Never mind what anybody else done.” For a decade, the New York band has lived up to this creed, fashioning experimental pop that doesn’t really sound like anything else.

“I Am Chemistry”–the first taste from Amen & Goodbye, out April 1–continues this trend. Beck and Atoms For Peace collaborator Joey Waronker helped the band assemble all the puzzle pieces. They pack a lot of sounds into the song, veering from showtune-esque balladry to psychedelic funk with a fitting Bowie vibe. It sounds like something concocted in a chemistry lab, bubbling over with creativity and energy. Download the song below.

–Art Levy

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