Young Buffalo: “Man In Your Dreams” (Live In Studio 1A)

Young Buffalo hails from Oxford, Mississippi, a town known as the home to Ole Miss and a rich literary tradition going back to William Faulkner. In a lot of ways, Young Buffalo straddles this divide. The band’s music is pleasing enough for the college crowd, but there’s a deepness buried beneath the hooks. Some very specific influences pop up–the Beach Boys’ harmonies, some R.E.M. jangle, Weezer’s sweetness–but the mixture sounds lived-in, like it’s been left out to bake in the Mississippi sun for a few decades.

Young Buffalo has been around in some form or another for awhile, but this year’s House is the band’s debut. It’s the kind of record that sneaks up on you, mainly due to the band’s skill at matching complex arrangements with hummable hooks. Young Buffalo nailed this balance in our Studio 1A, and you can download a live version of “Man In Your Dreams” below.

–Art Levy

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