Zettajoule: “Posh Boys”

You’ve heard “No Thank You” a handful of times on our airwaves, so you’re already somewhat familiar with the local dynamic duo that is Zettajoule. Zettajoule first formed in 2014 as a lo-fi quartet but these days they’re reduced to an efficient indie pop power pair. Keyboardists and vocalists Meggan Carney and Matthew Sheffer are the sole musicians on their upcoming six-song EP, Always Looking Up and if that’s not impressive enough for you, they recorded and produced everything on their iPhones.

The result is a digital modern pop masterpiece showing off everything Meggan and Matthew have to offer, and you can hear the full thing next Friday. Relive the old sound from their 2015 Studio 1A visit and check out another new single from Always Looking Up, a critical look at tech culture and how it co-opts social movements, “Posh Boys”!

Jack Anderson

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