Tallest Man on Earth 4.23.19

Studio 1A Sessions

Tallest Man on Earth 4.23.19

Posted by on Apr 23, 2019

Four years is a long time, don’t you think? Lucky for us, Tallest Man on Earth’s four-year hiatus ended with a new album out on April 19th. Kristian Matsson recorded most of the new album,  I Love You. It’s A Fever Dream,  in his Brooklyn apartment. A lot of reflection went into this album, specifically when it comes to love. Matsson talked with KUTX’s Jay Trachtenberg about New York inspirations and the different niches of the creative process. Making the most of his time in Austin, Tallest Man on Earth performs tonight at the Moody Theater. For now, enjoy listening to his live session with us in Studio 1a.

-Simone Puglia, KUTX Intern

Host-Jay Trachtenberg

Producer: Deidre Gott

Engineer: Cliff Hargrove

Broadcast Engineer: Jake Perlman