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April 17, 1973 – It’s 50 years ago Monday that Eagles released their second studio album, “Desperado”, a concept record based on the themes of outlaws in the Old West. Let’s explore the musical topic of OUTLAWS OF ALL TYPES during Monday’s episode.

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“Going across the pond – I’d suggest ‘Whiskey in the Jar’. I’d skip the Thin Lizzy/ Metallica versions and go with the Dubliners/Pogues version.”

Chris Pencis

“Favorite Eagles record of all time and highly underrated. The story of the Doolin-Dalton gang, located in our area at Ingals, OK. The songs, singing, and playing are all top notch, and we contend the best record and line up these guys ever had! Long live Desperado! Long live real Outlaw Country Rock!”

Red Dirt Rangers

“‘Bad Company’ by Bad Company. Only song I know of where the song name is the same as the name of the group who sings it.

Joey Lozano

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