Bridge Farmers “Street Needles”

Each week during Left of the Dial, KUTX Music Director, Rick McNulty shares the best song he heard this week. This week, Ryan Wen is in for Rick McNulty.

Austin Texas has an incredible heavy music scene that doesn’t always receive the recognition it deserves. It’s not unique to our city though. On the whole, artists in the diverse world of heavy underground music are historically mischaracterized by puritanical philistines who have a disproportionate influence on public perception.

On the other hand, antagonizing mainstream culture is kind of the point, especially for bands like Black Sabbath and those who followed in their footsteps. While their contemporaries advocated for peace, Sabbath demonstrated what a world without it sounded like.

The sense of dread and despair evoked by Sabbath’s glacial tempo and monolithic blues riffs would become the blueprint for what would later be called doom metal. Here in ATX its greatest practitioners are Bridge Farmers who have carved their own psychedelic-tinted version of doom over the past decade. Their latest release, Cosmic Trigger arrives May 19th and it will be the heaviest thing you’ve heard all year, count on it.

[Bridge Farmers] latest release, Cosmic Trigger arrives May 19th. . . and it will be the heaviest thing you’ve heard all year, count on it.

-Ryan Wen

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“Street Needle” releases with Cosmic Trigger, but here’s a sludge track from the record to tide you over until the album release show at Lost Well on May 19th; and a bonus 1A performance from a few years back.

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