Music News 1.26.17

New LOVE Record Player Wants to Be Most Innovative Device to Date

The renewed popularity of vinyl coming about in the tech age is leading to a new wave of devices that answer the question, “how many ways can we experience our records?” While most of us are resigned to enjoying our collections on a good ol’ fashioned turntable, for others, the notion of marrying the latest available technology to the non-digital format is much more attractive. Following the kickstarter success of the RokBlock, a small wooden caravan that literally drives in circles around your record, tech company Coming Soon has revealed its device in the alternative turntable game. Called the LOVE record player, the device mounts the record on a base then plays vinyl records by pivoting around a central point while being controlled by your phone and sending audio signals via Bluetooth. The “first intelligent turntable,” can identify the record your playing and will display the album info (including artwork) on your phone. Critics of the LOVE device claim it sucks away the authenticity of vinyl record listening, making the alt-turntable more of a Millennial-bait novelty experience rather than one with your record collection. The LOVE record player launches next month.


Nas Launches New Clothing Line to Raise Money for Charity and Instill Positivity

Rapper Nas announced his Black History Month inspired clothing line earlier this week, called HSTRY. The desire to launch a clothing line in the name of Black History Month would shock a younger NAS, who has been outspoken of his former belief of the month-long celebration, comparing it to rewarding a dog for good behavior then sending him back to the kennel. Now he says he’ll take it. “We’re in a time nowhere we can easily get caught up focusing on the negative things…this collection is about turning things around and instilling positivity.” The apparel features statements such as “Black Don’t Crack,” and the James Brown anthem “I’m Black and I’m Proud.” Proceeds from HSTRY will benefit the National Black Child Development Institute.


-Taylor Wallace

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