Music News 6.7.17

Woodstock Named Historic Site

The site of the most famous American rock concert is now a historical site. Yes, the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts aka the home of Woodstock has been placed on the National Register for Historic Places.

More than 400,000 people attended Woodstock 1969, and despite overcrowding, mud, thunderstorms, and food shortage, the festival’s legacy is epic and gilded. In more recent years, the site has been renamed the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts.

Several projects are underway to enhance the festival’s history including the preservation of the trees who bore witness to the event and restoration of footpaths used by festivalgoers. Bethel Woods is 800 acres and resides 90 minutes North of New York City.



Plans for Texas Music History Museum Shelved Until Next Session 

The Texas legislative session concluded last week taking the failed plans for a Texas music history museum with it. Don’t be quick to blame lawmakers, though, the problem is with the state’s smaller music history museums that focus on a particular genre or region. In fact nearly 40 regional museums lobbied against the creation of a statewide music history museum.

As Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum Founding Director Dr. Lynn Denton explains, “People feel very strongly about the history they hold that makes their part of the state unique…they are about the regions they interpret…Building collaborations so that everybody feels they have a place at the table is going to be critical to having a unified approach to moving forward with an institution like this.”

Hopes remain high that a Texas music history museum will someday be actualized, proudly housed across the street from the Bob Bullock museum, but for now, the plans have been shelved.


-Taylor Wallace

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