Music News 9.13.16

yNelly Fans Rally to Stream Fund Rapper Money for Uncle Sam

Grammy-award-winning Rapper Nelly is facing a $2.4 million tax lien from the IRS stemming from unpaid taxes in 2013. To help pay off this huge debt, Nelly fans have rallied together to crowd fund, or rather, stream fund. #hotinherrestreamingparty has caught fire on Twitter, encouraging fans to stream Nelly’s 2002 hit “Hot in Herre” as often as possible in order to raise the $2.4 million the rapper owes. One Twitter user even suggested streaming the song on your phone overnight with your phone on mute, claiming that 7 hours of sleep is equal to 110 plays of the song. Now, if the idea of raising over a couple million dollars is weird to you, you aren’t the only one. The staff at Billboard crunched the numbers and the results are daunting. Spotify pays out anywhere from 0.006-0.0084 of a dollar per stream. If Nelly pulls in anywhere near the top of that spectrum, the song would need to be streamed 287,176,547 times to pay off the tax lien. And that’s before paying off record labels and publishers. And what happens if Nelly doesn’t pay off his debt to the IRS or has to rely on an app to borrow money? In short, they’ll seize his assets and property. (Billboard)



What to Know About HAAM Benefit Day

Happy HAAM Benefit Day! This nationally recognized-city wide annual celebration raises money for the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians by getting you and local businesses involved. Dozens of artists are playing all over town every hour of today (yes, there were even some AM sets this morning), and over 50 busniesses are donating a portion of today’s profits to benefit Austin’s musicians. For a full list of who’s playing where and where you can eat, drink, and shop to support HAAM Day, click here.


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