Music News 10.12.17

Introducing Spotify’s Artist App

Musicians, listen up, if your music’s on Spotify, this one’s for you. Today Spotify’s new Artist app went live. It’s described as a “one-stop shop to track your new music as it goes live, control your presence on Spotify, and learn more about your listeners.” The app allows artists and/or their personnel to update their profiles on-the-go, including their current “artist’s pick” to updating playlists, to editing their biography. That last one is a big deal, as the biography has historically been filled in with information from metadata firm Rovi, but now artists have the power to write their own biography. The new app will also keep artists updated in real time with streaming analytics for the first two weeks following any release, updating itself every single time a listener hits play on said release. In general, however, the app will allow users to see their full-range analytics in a mobile-friendly format, including breakdowns on listeners, streamers, followers, including age, location, and gender. The Spotify for Artists app is currently only live for iOS, but promises to be up and running on Android very soon.

The Who and What of Read Roger Daltrey’s New Memoir

Roger Daltrey signed a book deal with the U.K.’s Blink Publishing and Henry Holt and Co. in the U.S. to being the world his memoir, due out next year. Daltrey was born during World War II, and the memoir will not only go deep into Daltrey’s decades with both the Who and his solo career, but will also be a deep reflection on how Britain itself and his place in it has changed in his lifetime, detailing his rise from factory worker to rock icon.

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