Music News 10.26.17

Twiggy Ramirez Accused Of Sexual Abuse, Fired From Marilyn Manson’s Band

Over the week, a story has unfolded regarding Marilyn Manson’s longtime bassist Twiggy Ramirez and his ex-girlfriend, Jack Off Jill member Jessicka Addams. The two were involved in the early 1990s, around the time Marilyn Manson was on tour opening for Nine Inch Nails.

In a statement posted to her Facebook last Friday, Addams says she characterizes their relationship as extremely toxic and violent, iterating stories of physical and emotional abuse, as well as incredibly jealous behavior on Ramirez’s part, including a time he slashed Addams’s tires after she gave a male friend a ride home.

Addams alluded to her former volatile relationship in a 2015 interview with Alternative Press, and says she remained silent for two decades out of fear the allegations would put Jack Off Jill in jeopardy.

Since last Friday, Twiggy Ramirez released his own brief statement, saying “I do not condone non-consensual sex of any kind…I will be taking some time to spend with family and focus on maintaining my several years of sobriety…If I have caused anyone pain I apologize and truly regret it.” Marilyn Manson fired Ramirez earlier this week as well, saying simply “I wish him well.”



Sony Music U.K. Declares Dedication to Grassroots Venues

Sony Music has been bitten by the bug of good will. Their U.K. arm has made a “game-changing” donation to the charity Music Venue Trust, which works with grassroots at-risk venues to keep the U.K. underground scene alive and thriving.

Sony Music U.K. chairman and CEO Jason Illey said in a statement, “we recognize the vital role that grassroots music venues play in that journey, providing an essential platform for artists to be able to take their first steps and develop their audiences.”

According to Music Venue Trust, London lost 35% of its grassroots music venues between 2007 and 2015, while the number of concert halls booking new and unsigned acts fell from 136 to just 88. The charity says they hope Sony U.K. faith and generous investment will encourage other top-tier industry institutions to do the same.


-Taylor Wallace

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