Music News 12.14.16

Dear, Mr. Trump: An Open Letter from the Music Industry

The music industry at large has written an open letter to Donald Trump asking him to consider the state of music piracy at today’s tech summit in Silicon Valley. The letter is signed by representatives from every facet of the music industry: songwriters, record companies, publishers, producers, everyone, and their asking him (in addition to congratulating Trump on his win) to support their “[call] for strong action to enforce intellectual property laws against infringers.” The letter speaks of the major contributions the music industry makes to job creation and national wealth, and calls out the current ease of piracy allowed by search engines, file-sharing sites, and user upload content platforms, calling them “guilty of perversely abusing US law to underpay music creators.” What the industry is asking for is stronger protection for intellectual property to ensure American music’s ability to grow and innovate, and benefit the American economy at its full potential. (FACT)



Alan Thicke, the Composer

TV actor Alan Thicke suffered a heart attack and died yesterday at the age of 69. We all know Alan Thicke as predominately as Dr. Jason Seaver on the 80s sitcom Growing Pains, but you might not know that he also composed a number of popular TV theme songs. Thicke composition career includes sitcom classics like Diff’rent Strokes, the Facts of Life, to games shows like Wheel of Fortune, the short-lived, Alex Trebek hosted Wizard of Odds, and Animal Crack-Ups (which Thicke also hosted). Thicke himself is even featured in some of the themes, including The Wizard of Odds and Diff’rent Strokes.



-Taylor Wallace

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