Music News 4.18.16

Ticketmaster On Facebook

You can buy and send gift cards on Facebook; you can even send money via Facebook, and by the end of April, you’ll be able to buy tickets through Facebook. Ticketmaster is the latest company to implement its business into the interface of the social media platform, following other companies like Queue App that allow music fans to purchase tickets to events directly through Facebook, but Ticketmaster, of course, will be used for the bigger ticket artists and venues. Posting a status bragging about your Elton John or Smashing Pumpkins tickets just became that much more efficient.




Nanotechnology Can Save Your Vinyl

Last Saturday was Record Store Day. And along with the slew of new and celebratory releases and plenty of official Record Store Day beer from Dogfish Head came news of a new innovation in vinyl technology.  Japanese company Ulvac has revealed a patented thin nanotechnological coating that buffers vinyl scratches while augmenting the record’s sound quality. This news follows an Austrian company’s reveal last month of high-definition vinyl. Ulvac did not say if and when this technology will come to market, but they do have patents approved in Taiwan, Japan, China, and the US.




Radiohead Release and Rumors

Friday morning the world woke-up to news that Radiohead is releasing a new album…in June. We were also told that it’s going to be pretty mindblowing. These comments came from Brian Messenger claiming to be a representative of the band’s management at a London event last Thursday night.  And within a couple of hours, Radiohead’s actual managers stepped in to say that Mr. Messenger has no dealing in Radiohead operations whatsoever, and that “Any quotes…should not be attributed to Radiohead’s management or be seen as official quotes on behalf of the group.” What remains unclear is whether they were referring to the “mindblowing” level of the album, or the existence of a new album at all.




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